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Monday, October 28, 2013

Autographed novel to be sold at the annual Art Auction in Ontario, Canada to support the organization "Canadians for Children at Health Risk".

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Commentary by Aleksandar Donski (translated from original)
On July 26, 2013 during the XXVIII Annual Summer Festival in Stip, Macedonia, the book promotion of In The Theatre of the World was held in the historic Bezisten Art Gallery, once a medieval Turkish trade center.  A review was read by Dr. Maria Kukubajska (professor of American Literature at University of Goce Delchev), and the novel's Prologue read by Natalija Pop Zarieva and Krste Iliev, of the Philological Faculty of UGD. Amid the several dozen guests and audience from Stip and neighboring towns, were Ilcho Zahariev, Mayor of Stip, General Stojan Dimcov, garrison commander of Stip, Promoter and Director of the festival, Kiril Panajotov, and other prominent citizens. Mayor Zahariev gave a short speech in which he stressed the historical importance of Stip, and welcomed, presented gifts to and thanked the author for her interest in Macedonia.  The author  addressed the audience with an emotional speech, which was interrupted several times with applause. She stated that since the age of sixteen she had been interested in the history of Alexander and Macedonia.  Her life dream, finally accomplished, was to visit Macedonia and meet the descendants of Alexander.  Tracy also stated she will continue to advocate for the Macedonian cause, and concluded her speech with an exclamation in Macedonian, "Za Makedonia" ("for Macedonia").
The next day Tracy (who had stayed at the home of her friend and collaborator Alexander Donski, initiator of the promotion) traveled to the city of Kocani with Darko Miovski, the translator of the Macedonian edition.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Во Театарот на Cветот" In The Theater of the World translated into Macedonian

--> Во Театарот на Cветот  е антички историски, илустрирани роман преведен на македонски јазик од Aнглиски од Дарко Миовски.   --> Романот се чита како мемоари за Александар Македонски, така Александар самиот раскажува за својот живот на возраст од 13 до 20. Романот е интимно патување во калење на македонскиот воин-принц. Читателот ги истражува настаните и неговото семејство и пријателските односи што го обликувале него, "вешто обезбедување увид во неговиот живот како што повеќето фасцинантни тинејџери во  античката историјата, на начин што тинејџерите денес може лесно да го сфатат." (Канада Newswire Прес - Соопштение за медиумите "нов роман нуди уникатна перспектива за создавањето на Александар Велики", 10 април 2012 година).

Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20, 356BCE Alexander's Birthday

*The week of July 20-26 commemorates the birthday of Alexander the Great. Exact date is unknown. Some say 20 or 23, others 26*
Digital Portrait by Federica Costantini, 2012.