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Friday, July 29, 2011

Aug 2 338 BCE Battle in Chaeronea

The summer heat rose on the low Cephisus River valley near the village of Chaeronea.  "By means of the Parapotamii Pass we advanced the seven miles, finally encountering the allied forces of Athens and traitorous Thebes. I imagined their horror when they caught sight of us prowling from across the plain, shining in our red and gold armor, the sixteen-ray suns upon crimson standards blowing in the breeze. 'Behold,' I said to Hephaestion, 'Zeus Thunder-Bearer spreads his hand upon the Macedonians and strengthens our dynamism.  It is as Iliada again here in Chaeronea, that is, for the Thebans and Athenians and all of the City-States.'" (Excerpt from In The Theater of the World).  It was Prince Alexander's second victory in battle BEFORE he became king.  His first victory was in Thrace, quelling a revolt of the Maedi tribe.  The Battle of Chaeronea was the prince's second victory, having eliminated the Theban threat on the battle field, the invincible Sacred Band of Thebes.  Marble statues of lions to this day stand in the immediate location.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 26 Alexander's Birthday

Perhaps he was born July 20th or the 26th, nevertheless, this past week Alexander's fans around the world remembered his birthday. Whether you purchased a balloon or you burned incense to honor him, July 20-26 356BCE marks his birth. Lightning, Ephesus temple ablaze, and soaring eagles were signs visible the hour of his birth, retold by Plutarch and Arrian and many other ancient writers.  In the lovely Pella, Macedonia, was born the prophecy foretold by the prophet Daniel. Yes, Alexander is mentioned there, too!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alexander the Great "Teenage Prince"

So much is written, blogged, and discussed about Alexander's adulthood and achievements in his adulthood, but he was a teenager, and to become 'Great' HOW did he get there?  He wasn't any different from today's teenager.  He became famous and historic, yes, but what influenced him?  Who influenced him?  Is it not true causes and conditions during adolescence gives rise to adult successes and failures? Alexander, as child and teenager, experienced tremendous events, wonderful and painful.  Was he a product of divorced parents?  Was he obsessed with making Dad (King Philip II)  happy or be better than Dad?  In his adulthood Alexander killed a friend/general because a comment was made regarding his father's successes.

Published Novel in E-Book Format

I published my novel In The Theater of the World in e-book format on Amazon.  Twenty-two years of collecting information and acquiring knowledge of Alexander the Great was an odyssey of learning for me…my research experience since 1982 was a timeline of “should I” and “am I able to” write an ancient autobiographical novel about Alexander the Great.  Family and friends throughout the near two-and-half decades encouraged, advised and educated me, and so, here it is, written to the best of my ability without intention to impress and aggrandize, only to inspire interest in Alexander the Great by means of introducing himself and beginning with his youth.